My name is Michael Richards and I established this simple website in honor of all small retail day traders. I think the first thing I should share with those who visit this website is who I am not. I am not a professional trader. I am not a professional teacher nor am I someone who has gotten rich trading the markets. I first became interested in the stock market back in the late 1990s during the height of the “dot-com” era. I soon became interested in equity options and the foreign exchange markets. It was not until the early 2000s that the equity futures markets began to capture my attention. Today I confine my trading interests to the Dow and Nasdaq Emini markets but I believe there are similarities in all markets.

Like so many other retail day traders, I started out joining various trading and chat rooms in search of information that I hoped would give me an advantage in the day trading game. I found myself jumping from one chat room to another but never really finding anything that I could fully trust or understand. Also like many other new traders I am sure, I began buying various proprietary indicators and charting platforms that again, I hoped would give me the advantage I needed. I was, like so many others, looking for the “Holy Grail.”

What I learned after years of chasing one magical system or another is that all of these complicated systems and special indicators were extremely good at showing me “what happened” but not very good at giving me a good idea of “what was going to happen.” In other words nothing I learned and none of the expensive chat rooms or systems I was purchasing was helping me trade from the “right side of the chart.” It is very easy to look back at the day and see exactly where the trade occurred. It is not so easy to see the trade as it is unfolding at the right side of the chart. Unless the trader can do this it is virtually impossible to succeed at trading in my opinion.

But I did manage to salvage “bits and pieces” of information from one guru or another. I learned that not all these people were dishonest. Some of them truly believe in what they are teaching or selling and over the years I found myself developing my own unique trading method by “condensing” the huge volume of advice I’d purchased over the years. The one thought that kept running through my mind was that there is no reason a trading method, system, or strategy has to be complicated or difficult in order to be effective and successful.

If you are a retail trader with a small to moderately sized trading account then you are essentially a small business owner. I know of no small business that is profitable every business day. Some days there is a loss. Some days are break even days and some days yield a profit. But if a company has a solid business model and follows certain rules without deviation, then most “business months” should produce a profit. A small trading business is no different in my opinion than any other type of small business. It was with this premise in mind that I eventually came up with what I now call “MY 3 Simple Trading Rules.” These rules guide me every time I open my charts and place trades. I honestly believe they can help any new or seasoned trader who is willing to follow them without deviation. That is why I offer them for download from this website for FREE!

Please visit my website as often as you like. There is nothing for sale here. There is also no trading or investment advice being offered here so please take time to read all disclaimers that are available on the site. The goal of this website is to share my trading ideas with you regarding the futures markets in a sincere hope that you will find something of value that you can apply to your own trading business going forward. Perhaps you will need to modify my rules in some way to fit your particular style or the markets that you prefer to trade. The general idea however should be applicable to any market. The general idea is to simplify the trading process so that it can be easily understood and applied.