NQ & YM Areas Of Interest

Hi Traders,

As I look at my charts on the Dow and Nasdaq emini September contracts for next week, the following price levels are of interest to me:

Nasdaq (NQ)”

  • 4674.50
  • 4596.00
  • 4582.00
  • 4564.25
  • 4545.75
  • 4480.00
  • 4438.00


Dow (YM):

  • 18215
  • 17691
  • 17565
  • 17429
  • 17317
  • 16989


I will be considering placing a few trades at or near these levels next week if I see the price patterns I am looking for at the times of day that I trade based on “MY 3 Simple Trading Rules.”

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As usual please read the disclaimer on the website and I wish you good trading regardless of the method you use.

Thanks for visiting.